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Visual Testing Integrations

Elevate your automated testing with our Visual Testing Integrations – the ultimate solution for seamless visual testing validation. With effortless integration that won't disrupt your current scenarios, our tool takes your testing strategy to new heights. Simply install our library and add three lines of code to your configuration, and you'll have a robust visual testing system up and running in no time.

Benefits by incorporating our Visual Testing Integrations into your workflow:

  • Broaden Testing Coverage: Expand your testing horizons and ensure comprehensive coverage of your applications, catching issues that traditional testing might miss.
  • Simplify Automation for Complexity: Tackle intricate features with ease. Our Integrations simplifies the automation of even the most complex functionalities, streamlining your testing process.
  • Guard Against Visual Bugs: Safeguard your production environment by minimizing the risk of visual bugs slipping through undetected. Wopee assistant ensures the visual integrity of your applications.
  • Boost Testing Team Efficiency: Foster seamless collaboration among your team members. Our Visual Testing Integrations enhances teamwork, making it easier for your testing team to work together efficiently.
Visual validation using assistant
Assistant dashboard

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Integrations over a DIY approach to build my visual testing solution?

The DIY (do-it-yourself) approach is a common choice for testing teams initially. However, it often becomes a cumbersome task that demands substantial effort and time for maintenance, diverting your team's focus from actual testing. DIY solutions frequently fall short when it comes to addressing complex scenarios such as merging and migrating images between versions or branches, maintaining version history, and handling the acceleration of tools as the scale increases. In contrast, our solution is not only more efficient but also cost-effective. It allows your team to concentrate entirely on what truly matters: ensuring the quality of your product.

What frameworks does Integrations support? Integrations seamlessly integrates with the modern web testing frameworks for quick and straightforward implementation. Our current support includes popular frameworks such as, Playwright, Selenium, Robot Framework,, with additional compatibility for more frameworks in the pipeline.

Robot Framework

Can I test applications not visible from the internet?

Yes, for our enterprise customers, we offer on-prem or private cloud options, providing flexibility and customization for test execution.

How can I exclude specific areas in the image during the comparison process? Integrations offers two options for excluding areas:

a. Low code: Utilize selectors from your framework to precisely specify which areas should be ignored.

b. No-code: Leverage our Wopee Commander, equipped with intuitive visual tools that enable you to easily select and exclude specific areas in the image without the need for coding. This provides a user-friendly, code-free alternative for efficient visual testing customization.

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