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Repetitive work is for bots.
Repetitive work is for bots.
Repetitive work is for bots.
Unleash your potential 🚀 and


Compared to manual testing


Quicker preparation

30 - 40%

Cheaper maintenance


Higher coverage

50 - 70%

Quicker execution

Problem: Regression testing

engineers brainstorming

Traditional testing approaches are slowing down development and are no longer scalable. Testers / executives believed that test automation was the solution. This belief failed.

Almost everywhere these days test automation tools are utilized, but this testing approach is still too slow and requires strong technical skills that are hard to find and develop. Even if you do succeed in automating your testing, you are then faced with exhausting maintenance with each release.

Here come the autonomous testing bots to reduce this effort waste in software development and testing.

Solution: Autonomous testing


Just provide a url of your web app and let our bot do the rest!

  1. Bot will learn your web application.
  2. Bot will generate test scenarios.
  3. Bot will execute tests.
  4. will identify unexpected, potential bugs.

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Already have automated tests? | Playwright | Robot Framework | WebDriverIO | Selenium

  1. Keep your own existing automated tests as they are.
  2. Add a single library & apply a simple configuration.
  3. Run your tests as you usually do.
  4. will identify unexpected, potential bugs.

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How it works

Reduce test automation complexity and keep its benefits 💪

1. Simple bot setup

Enabling all of your needs for autonomous testing with an easy to use interface.

2. Bot studies, generates tests

More regression testing using same resources. Automatic application functionality validation.

3. Monitor test results

Most relevant bugs are found in a reliable and quick manner. No scripting is required, just a mild learning curve to get yourself familiar with our tools.

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Trusted by the technology leaders, our early customers


"Wopee autonomous testing is extremely valuable in testing our marketing & customer account pages."

Multitude, European provider of Digital Financial Services 400k+ customers in 20 countries

Juraj Žabka
Engineering Lead

"Wopee showcased its potential to save us valuable time and effort in maintaining the visual integrity of our application."

Livesport, The fastest sports information and scores provider from 35+ sports to 100M people worldwide (60+ web and mobile apps)

Martin Šimon
Test Automation Lead

Immerse yourself in the autonomous testing experience with