Wopee is the autonomous testing platform.

AI/ML-based testing streamlines the testing process by reducing the need for human intervention. Includes fully automated planning, creation, maintenance, and analysis of tests.

Who We Are

We are building bots to reduce waste in software development and testing.

Traditional testing approaches are slowing down development and are no longer scalable. We believed that test automation was the solution. This belief failed.

Almost everywhere these days we test using test automation tools, but this testing approach is still too slow and requires strong technical skills that are hard to find and develop. Even if we do succeed in automating our testing, we are then faced with exhausting maintenance.

Testing Assistant

Use your existing automated tests and boost its efficiency.

Self-driving bot

Independent testing bot, no scripting required.


Our solutions increase your efficiency and remove testing waste

Testing Assistant

Use your existing automated tests and boost its efficiency.

We have simple plug & play solution ready for your existing Selenium, Playwright, Cypress.io and Robot Framework testing projects. If you use some other tools we are ready to build some special assistant also just for you ❤️!

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Self-driving Bot

Independent testing bot, no automation required.

Our bots explore your Web App, learn how it works and it is ready for testing. Sometimes it is not human to ask humans to test (runnnig regression testing ... especially several times a week/day, runnig it on many configurations, etc.)

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How it works

Reduce the test automation complexity and keep its benefits 💪

1. Set up bot execution

Enabling all client's needs for autonomous testing. Easy to use interface.

2. Teach bot test

Gets more regression testing with same resources. Automatically validates application functionality.

3. Monitor testing results

Finds most relevant bugs always and quickly. No scripting required and mild learning curve.


Trusted by the technology leaders, our early adopters


Wopee autonomous testing is extremely valuable in testing our marketing & customer account pages.

Juraj Žabka Engineering Lead, Multitude European provider of Digital Financial Services 400k+ customers in 20 countries


Wopee showcased its potential to save us valuable time and effort in maintaining the visual integrity of our application.

Martin Šimon Test Automation Lead, Livesport The fastest sports information and scores provider from 35+ sports to 100M people worldwide (60+ web and mobile apps)

Pricing (under preparation)

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Free Trial

per user/mo
  • 1 project
  • 3 users
  • 1.000 test steps
  • shared testing bots
  • 7 days data retention
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Premium Plan

per user/mo
  • 3 project
  • 5 users
  • 10.000 test steps
  • 1 dedicated testing bot
  • 14 days data retention
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Ultimate Plan

per user/mo
  • Unlimited project
  • Unlimited users
  • 100.000 test steps
  • 3 dedicated testing bots
  • 30 days data retention
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per #/month
  • More test steps
  • More testing bots
  • More data retention period
  • On-call support
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Our team

Jan (honza) Beránek

CXO & developer, reporting

Experienced web developer, technical team leader

Marcel (vem) Veselka

CEO & tester

20 years in software testing, senior test consultant

Olena (alenka) Nahorna

developer (commander)

inspired beginner full-stack developer

Ondřej (ondra) Winter

CTO & developer (bots and brains)

Experienced test automation engineer, Ph.D. student