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Autonomous Testing Bot

Our Autonomous Testing Bot revolutionizes the testing process for your application.

Wopee Bot conducts a comprehensive scan of your application, gathering vital information about potential interactions and capturing screenshots. This information is then used to automatically generate tests, serving as assertions for your application. The generated tests can be prioritized, allowing for seamless regression testing.

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Unlike traditional testing methods, there's no need for manual test case preparation or coding. The entire testing process is automated, making it a hassle-free experience for you. Learning programming languages or utilizing record-and-play tools is unnecessary.

Maintenance is also simplified. When your application undergoes changes, you receive a report highlighting the modifications that need assessment. For bug reporting, we follow standard procedures. For new application versions, a simple one-click updates the application testing model.

The validation process for the application under test relies heavily on visual examination. In addition to the visual inspection, we meticulously gather data on various aspects such as HTTP status codes, JavaScript errors, and the speed at which the application loads. These comprehensive quality metrics serve as crucial indicators, allowing us to identify and address potential issues with the application under test.


  • Hassle-free automation without manual test case preparation.
  • No need for programming skills or record-and-play tools.
  • Seamless regression testing with prioritized tests.
  • Simplified maintenance with automatic reporting of application changes.
Visual validation

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wopee just another automation tool?

No, Wopee goes beyond traditional test automation by introducing innovative ideas that eliminate the need for programming skills and slow record-and-play methods.

How does Wopee Bot handle login form?

Wopee Bot easily handles simple login processes by allowing users to input login names and passwords during project setup.

Can I test applications not visible from the internet?

Yes, for our enterprise customers, we offer on-prem or private cloud options, providing flexibility and customization for test execution.

What browsers does Wopee support?

Wopee supports all modern rendering engines, including Chromium, WebKit, and Firefox, on various platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. Mobile web testing is also supported.

Does Wopee provide mobile testing?

While native app testing is not available, Wopee is ready for mobile web browser testing, supporting the emulation of Google Chrome for Android and Mobile Safari.

Can I get detailed information and videos from the test execution?

Certainly! Wopee can record videos of the entire test execution and store traces for comprehensive analysis and review.

How complicated is it to implement Wopee?

Implementation is straightforward with no requirement for manual test case preparation or coding. To start you need just the URL of your app. Updates and adaptations to application changes are simplified with a click.

How complicated is it to use Wopee?

User-friendly interface with no need for programming languages or record-and-play tools. Maintenance and updates are intuitive, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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