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Jan (Honza) Beránek

Experienced web developer, technical team leader


Marcel (Vem) Veselka

20 years in software testing, senior test consultant


Olena (Alenka) Nahorna

Motivated quick learner, full-stack developer


Ondřej (Ondra) Winter

Experienced test automation engineer, Ph.D. student


Our Investors

Wopee Labs s.r.o. is currently fueled by investments from two key partners. Our first investment partner is Tesena s.r.o., a renowned company specializing in providing professional services in the field of software testing, as well as offering training and other types of education in this domain. Through collaboration with Tesena s.r.o., we not only gain financial support but also access to extensive experience, industry know-how, and, importantly, exceptional opportunities to apply our solutions.

The second investor endorsing our vision is Nation 1, specializing in early-stage investments in startups. By partnering with Nation 1, we acquire not only financial resources but also strategic support for further development and assistance in preparing for subsequent investment rounds crucial for our expansion from a leading European player to a global market presence.

With the financial backing from our investors and our ongoing activities, we are well-equipped to achieve our goals and foster continuous growth. We believe that this combination of financial and strategic support will not only strengthen our competitiveness but also broaden our possibilities and opportunities in the autonomous software testing market.

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